Adult Art Classes

Small adult art classes are now being offered in January, through Createful Intention, here at Heart in Hand. Createful Intention is the brain child of Eric and Laurie. We wanted to combine mindfulness and creativity in a relaxing studio/class setting. The thought was not teach but guide people to release, create, and relax all while being engaged socially and within. Classes are very free form in style. Allowing for creation is very important while trusting your intuition in a casual atmosphere.

Createful Intention is geared towards a like-minded group of people that want to utilize the creative process to release unwanted feelings or just a chance to be in the moment. Unwind and center yourself while connecting to art and personal expression.

At Createful Intention, your "Art Guides" Laurie and I will aid you in making Art happen. As was previously mentioned, there will be marginal instruction of each mediium, as we do not want to limit your intuitive process with rules. The creative process will be different for everyone. The important thing is to let go and allow creativity to flow! Speaking of Flow...water will be available but if you want to bring a beverage of your own that is fine. Hydration is important!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Class sizes are small. Please make sure you sign up earlier than later. If you have any questions please click here to contact Eric and Laurie.

Createful Intention
Create. Inspire. Heal. Let Go. Where creativity and personal exploration meet