It's the Holiday Season...



This is the time of the year that we are all running around stressing about family and shopping and weather. But remembering the meaning of the season is really the most important thing you can do. It’s not the size of the gift-but the thought behind the gift.

For Christians, this time of year is the celebration of the birth of the Christ; he who delivered salvation for his people. There are no Christmas trees in Jerusalem or Bethlehem. That is a Germanic tradition of keeping the hope of Spring alive through the winter months that has been added to our consciousness. The season is about the celebration of the arrival of the child. It’s about hope for the new year. Gifts are not what it is about.

For the Jewish faith, Hanukkah is the celebration of the mystery of the oil that although only enough for 1 day-lasted 8 days during a siege upon their stronghold. Again, not about gifts or consumption, but about hope and wonder.

Kwanzaa is a modern adaptation of the African traditions of human dignity. Kinship and culture and environment are important. Tangible goods are not the focus of the celebration.

Giving; giving love, time, and acceptance. All these things are more important than any store bought gift you can give or receive. Remember the little things and celebrate your family and friends for the gifts they bestow. That is the Blessing of the Season

Seasons blessings and cheer for the New Year. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Happy Kwanzaa!