Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end.
— Bruce Lee

Laura Cioe - Kids Yoga Instructor - is a mother to 4, has worked with children in many areas and is constantly intrigued by their magic and natural curiosity for life. It was a natural evolution for her to combine her previous medical background, work with special needs children and adults and many years of providing daycare in her own home with her strong personal beliefs and practice in holistic healing, yoga, and nutrition. Laura's passion for yoga and children merge in creating an adventurous loving children's yoga class where their magic shines and blossoms. With training through Karma Kids Yoga, Laura is certified to teach children of all ages and abilities. 

"Our world has changed so much, and continues to do so at a dizzying pace. We all seem to find ourselves looking for some peace, for our center, in this ever busy and demanding world. Children are no different...I would go so far as to say that children, even more so, need time where they're allowed to find their center. They sometimes need to be taught how to find their calm place, how to ground themselves before reacting...they also need time to be SILLY! My goal for bringing children's yoga into Village Wellness is to give our children a safe, non-competitive, non-judgmental environment where they can move their bodies, use their imaginations, and feel completely accepted exactly where they are. Yoga naturally leads children to develop a keen sense of self awareness and greatly increases their self confidence."

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In addition to children's yoga she is also a Reiki practitioner and health coach and is well studied in the healing properties of Essential Oils. Laura is honored to meet you where you are in your journey and to help you explore your path.  

Kids Yoga classes at Heart in Hand
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Ann Marie Sylvester (Mahdia) - Belly Dance instructor - teaches the ancient art of Middle Eastern Dance and Cabaret Style Belly Danse, Raks Sharki. Mahdia (Ann Marie) began studying Middle Eastern Dance with Nourhan Sharif in 1997. She continued developing her technique with Shadia, Sabra, Enheduanna, Raqia Hassan, Phaedra, Katia and Kanina. She was a member of Le Dance Oriental, Mirza, Arabian Village Dance and Ancient Arts Studio Troupes. Her Passion for the music and dance emanates during performances at area restaurants, functions and cultural events. She enjoys this dance as it connects us more profoundly to our inner beings, source energy, and to one another. She shares her knowledge of this art from through classes offered at Heart in Hand in Warwick where she also works as a Massage Therapist.

She is a 1992 graduate of the Humanities Center School of Massage in Pinellas Park, FL. Since then, she has operated a private practice in RI, True Touch Massage Therapy, and worked in conjunction with a chiropractor. Additionally, she has completed her course work for a Masters Degree in Experiential Health and Healing from the Graduate Institute in CT.

Belly Dance classes at Heart in Hand
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Mahdia is available to perform at functions and cultural events.

Eric LaPrade - Art Guide - is a former Woonsocket native. He now resides in Scituate, RI. Eric hold's a degree in Fine Arts from Rhode Island College with a concentration in Graphic Design and Illustration. Eric started drawing at a very early age with the support of his family, friends, and baby sitter. He fondly recalls creating with his Memere and Pepere, watching programs on painting when he visited sprawled out with coloring utensils and paper. Eric spent many hours creating pictures, yarn pompoms, latch hook rugs, and music with them.

After over 22 years having a successful career in retail management and only creating part time, Eric is now a self employed artist and multi-sport coach at Scituate Middle School. In early 2014, he took to painting for the first time. This was something he never enjoyed during his undergrad. The difference is now that he is  painting what he is passionate about and what comes from his spirit. No rules! Eric has not stopped painting since.

Eric's pieces are very expressive and spiritual in nature. His work captures the emotional connection and spirit of the subject. Eric creates while listening to inspirational music and using other meditative modalities. He enjoys capturing energy, atmosphere, and conveying mood in all of his work. See some of his work at Createful Intention.

Adult Art Classes with Eric at Heart in Hand 
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Laurie Pomposelli Cairone - Art Guide -  was born and raised in Rhode Island. She has always loved taking creativity to paper since she was a child. Laurie took a drawing class while in nursing school and her first assignment was to create ‘’infinity’’ with charcoal. Since then, she has always loved creating art outside of her nursing career and while raising her daughter.

Laurie is mostly a self-taught artist. Laurie works in pastels, charcoal, acrylics and watercolor. Pastels are her favorite medium to work with, and she is currently exploring acrylics through instruction. She feels a deep connection with the Universe, the human body and nature. Laurie never has a vision of her work before she begins to create art. It evolves from a shape and transforms until it is finished. Her work is created through meditation and intuition. See some of her work at Createful Intention.

Adult Art Classes with Laurie at Heart in Hand 
For more information call 401-467-9193 or click here to send Laurie an email.