Swedish Massage - A gentle relaxation massage to soften the stress of daily life that our body carries. Swedish massages involve the application of oil or cream to the skin with long and short massage strokes to relax and renew the tissue.

Deep Tissue - Basic deep tissue techniques to relieve tension and muscular spasm involves firmer stokes and trigger point release if needed. An entire treatment can be considered deep tissue, or combined with Swedish relaxation techniques. Deep Tissue - Basic deep tissue techniques to relieve tension and muscular spasm involves firmer stokes and trigger point release if needed. An entire treatment can be considered deep tissue, or combined with Swedish relaxation techniques. Please note that Frank's services are priced differently when booking with him.

30 min:  $45
60 min: $80
75 min: $100
90 min: $120
120 min: $150

Aroma Restorative Massage-This profoundly relaxing massage uses organic essential oils and skin brushing to help inflammation, immune support, pain relief, muscle tension, sleep deprivation, detoxification, and overall well-being. 

60 min: $85, 75 min: $105, 90 min: $125

Chakra Massage Oils

Chakra Massage Oils

Chakra Balancing Massage -A deeply relaxing massage using 7 heavenly scented massage oils!  Align your energy and feel pure bliss.

60 min: $85, 75 min: $105, 90 min: $125

Kinesiotaping Method is used to aid in the recovery process from treatment to treatment. Developed by Dr Kenso Kase, DC of Japan over 20 years ago, the technique is just catching on in the US over the past 10 years. The brightly colored tape can be seen on all the Olympic competitors and athletes everywhere. We usually add this on as a service for $6-12.00 per session depending on the level of taping required.
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Manual Lymphatic Drainage - (Vodder Technique) is a healing treatment for the Immune system of the body. It involves assessing areas of swelling or edema and addressing the Lymphatic system with light touch and massage strokes to push the fluid back into the circulation and effect great changes in the body. Especially useful in clients after Cancer surgeries, mastectomies and crushing injuries of the limbs in which the fluid balance is no longer correct. People with severe acne or chronic sinus infections can also benefit.
Call 401-467-9193 to make a appointment.
60 min 80.00  - 90 min 120.00 - 120 min 150.00

Prenatal Massage - This treatment uses the Body Cushion System which especially allows expectant mothers to lie comfortably on their stomach right up to full term. This allows for decompression of the back muscles and relief of sciatic and back pain. The focus of this treatment is to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy; (muscular tightness, back ache, upper back pain, and leg discomfort.) With Ann Marie- the client is positioned side lying instead of using the Body Cushion System

60 min 80.00
90 min 120.00

Sacred (Hot Stone) Massage-A wonderful relaxing treatment using warm beach stones heated in salt water and copious amounts of grape seed and jojoba oil. We scent the water, not the oil to add a touch of aromatherapy. The treatment involves lying on the stones, laying the stones upon you and massaging all the muscles with the stones. Indulgent and deeply relaxing. We use Tibetan bells, drums and cymbals to vibrate the stones at the conclusion of the treatment. 

75 min 120.00
90 min 140.00

Reflexology  -  Applying palm, finger and thumb pressure to specific points on the feet which correspond to certain areas or organs of the body. Helping to restore balance by relaxing the body and releasing the flow of vital energy, facilitating the body’s ability to heal itself.

30 min 45.00
60 min 80.00
75 min 100.00

Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Release- Within the structure of every body there exists a core distortion pattern (also referred to as a spiral). 95% of muscular/skeletal pain and dysfunction can be a direct result of this core distortion which forms in the developing fetus and is found in everyone. This core distortion is manifested in an anterior rotation of the left ilium, posterior rotation of the right ilium, stretched ligaments creating a weight bearing separation between the sacrum and iliums at the SI joint resulting in a tipped sacrum – the basis for most scoliosis.This distortion is also found in the cranium. The whole body is affected from head to toe. This is a one time treatment offered by Frank, who sees it as the most important step, which then sets up all following treatments. Learn more here

75 min $150.00

To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
— Buddha