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Alexander  Technique (AT) - Learn how to drop your tension and lighten up! Do you want to stop dragging yourself through life and struggling against that leaden feeling? Do you often feel hunched, and get tired of bracing to sit up straight? Do pain and stiffness keep coming back, even after you've tried everything to get rid of it? Tendonitis? Tension headaches? Repetitive strain injuries...? The Alexander Technique can help. It is an educational hands-on modality that is completely unlike massage. Find out the difference for yourself! Learn more from our own Alexnder Technique teacher, Holly Dobbs. Click here for her website.

45 min 60.00 - Click to schedule Alexander Technique for 45 minutes

Acupuncture - This ancient medical treatment uses thin (the width of 3 human hairs) stainless steel needles to stimulate points along lines of energy on the body called meridians. The needles are used to adjust the flow of energy (qi or chi) through the meridians and affect balance in the body. The procedure is relaxing. Dr Gaiane Martirossian, DAc. is no long practicing at Heart in Hand Massage, she recently moved her practice to Acu Well at 141 Airport Road in Warwick. Appointments are available most days of the week. 

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© Tyler Olson - used with permission 11/12/13

© Tyler Olson - used with permission 11/12/13

Reiki - rei (universal) + ki (life force energy) - A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. A session is pleasant and relaxing and is often utilized for one’s personal wellness. The practice was re-discovered by a Japanese monk Mikao Usui and has been passed down through the years by Reiki Master Teachers. The session is generally 60-90 minutes and the client remains FULLY CLOTHED. There is light touch involved, no jarring or deep pressure. Occasionally the clients report sensations of warmth, tingling or nothing at all except a feeling of relaxation or rejuvenation after the session. Ann Marie, Jessica and Laura are our Reiki practitioners and bring years of knowledge and caring to the treatment. 

30 min 45.00 - Click to schedule Reiki for 30 minutes
60 min 80.00 - Click to schedule Reiki for 60 minutes
90 min 120.00 - Click to schedule Reiki for 90 minutes

Reiki with complimentary Aroma Touch session. Appointments with Laura Cioe only. What is Aroma Touch and why should you try it? Aroma Touch is not a massage, it is actually a highly tested and refined technique developed by Dr. David Hill where in the practitioner systematically applies 8 of the highest quality doTerra essential oils and blends topically to the spine and feet. This clinical approach to whole body application of essential oils yields extremely powerful result creating overall systemic health benefits. Everyone will benefit from this technique but those suffering from chronic pain- especially neuromuscular and muscular, those that suffer from depression or are in a highly stressed environment or situation, and anyone dealing with an autoimmune disease will experience the most profound results. Every client should expect to experience an extreme state of relaxation and many clients will fall asleep. This state will say with you long after the session is over. 

There are numerous benefits to applying oils in this technique, some of which include- stress reduction, greater control of inflammatory response, immune support, and support of your body's autonomic nervous system. Aroma Touch enhances essential oils effectiveness and stimulates the body's meridian lines and energy zones, while balancing the body's systems and functions to maintain a constant level of homeostasis.
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60 min 80.00

Zero Balancing ( ZB ) – a gentle but powerful hands-on bodywork system that facilitates both structural balance and a clearer, stronger flow of energy in the body. ZB sessions produce an experience of deep relaxation and renewed vitality while helping relieve symptoms of physical and emotional stress. ZB supports self-discovery, self-acceptance and a person’s ability to create positive, life-afirming change.

Benefits of ZB include:
• Amplifies the feeling of happiness and well-being
• Promotes lightness, ease, and vitality
• Relieves symptoms of stress
• Relieves musculoskeletal tension
• Enhances creative energy & self-actualization

The overall experience is one of deep relaxation and integration of the body/mind. People usually feel a state of peace they may never have experienced before, letting go of deeply held tension in the body and the mind. ZB is a hands-on body/mind system designed to enhance health and well being - it evaluates and treats the whole person rather than focusing on symptoms. ZB can enhance transformational processes at all levels. A ZB session is received through clothing and lasts 
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60min - $70.00

Kinesiotaping Method is used to aid in the recovery process from treatment to treatment. Developed by Dr Kenso Kase, DC of Japan over 20 years ago, the technique is just catching on in the US over the past 10 years. The brightly colored tape can be seen on all the Olympic competitors and athletes everywhere. We usually add this on as a service for $6-12.00 per session depending on the level of taping required.
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