Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Bodies Mini Workshop

We are excited to announce the second Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Bodies Mini Workshop. This will be a short series, just 2 classes, to help center and calm us before the holiday bustle BUT it will be so much fun! During this workshop children will learn what happens to their bodies and minds when they are stressed, angry or sad and how they can develop techniques to help themselves. Mindfulness seems to be gaining steam as the new buzzword but it is simply the practice of being in the moment - of observing without judgement. Understanding that nothing has power over us and that every interaction is dependent on the energy we attach to it. Our reaction is always ours to change. Meditation and children don't often go hand and hand but meditation doesn't have to be still and silent while sitting in full lotus on a meditation pillow. We will also place a strong focus on balancing our strength and opinions with the compassion and empathy we feel for others... something that's a universal tightrope for all of us, but especially our kiddos!

During each class kids will do a fun, silly yoga sequence, practice their breathing while blowing feathers or pompoms, and partner poses will be incorporated to build trust within their community. They may hear a story such as The Moody Cow Learns Compassion and they will work on different techniques used for meditation such as a Calming Jar or Rainbow Glitter Putty (if you've already made a jar with me) we will also pick out and learn how to use a "Magic Rock". The children are all invited to wear their favorite PJs and we will close our last class with hot chocolate, cookies, and our beloved guided Color Meditation. While both classes will be slightly different they will build upon each other and the focus will be the same. They will come to understand the power of their actions and reactions and how that effects themselves and their world. They will also objectively view their observations and interactions from a place of empathy and solid self-worth. Your children will develop a personal "toolbox" of choices that can be drawn from when they feel anxious, unsettled, angry, jealous, restless, or when their "motor just can't slow down". They will also have lots of FUN!

Developing a regular yoga practice for children has more benefits that you can imagine and there is no age too young! There are several regular classes available for children and families and drop ins are always welcome. Please follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on regular class and summer offerings or contact Laura by email.

This series will be offered at Heart in Hand and is for school age children.
Friday, December 4th and Friday, December 11th from 6-7:45pm
$40.00 for the workshop with a 20% sibling discount (includes both classes, all supplies, craft, and snack).
Pre-registration is required, please contact Laura directly through email or facebook, payment can be made by cash, check, or paypal.